Enlight App Goes Free In The App Store

If you are looking for an image editing app, then you are in luck. The powerful photo editing app Enlight has gone free in the App Store. Usually available at a price of $1.99 the app allows users to edit images and apply filters to their images right on iPhone and iPad.

Enlight offers a number of great features that make it a must have app for iOS users. With Enlight you can change the tone, color and details of an image, add filters, create presets, add effects to images and turn them into realistic looking sketches, doodle on the image, add custom text borders and decals and more.  The list of this app’s features seems endless.

 With this app you also get intelligent photo correction features that allow you to repair over-exposed images, reduce noise in images and remove defects. With Photo Mixer feature you can overlay two images to create a double exposure effect, create montages, merge photos and more.

Taking full advantage of your iPhone or iPad’s power you can edit 50-megapixel images on an iPad Pro and 35-megapixel images on an iPhone.

You can download Enlight app for free. We are not sure if the app has been made free permanently or if the price will go back to $1.99, so better hurry up.

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