modified Cydia is coming to the Electra iOS 11.0-11.1.2 jailbreak

CoolStar launched the tenth beta of his Electra jailbreak tool for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 on Wednesday, but it seems that we can expect another update very soon.

You might recall that the beta 10 changelog cited several new pre-packaged tools, and it now seems clear as to why…

In a Tweet shared Thursday morning, CoolStar revealed that Electra would come pre-packaged with a modified version of Cydia “very soon.” This move would make Electra the first iOS 11jailbreak tool to date to include Jay Freeman’s renowned third-party extension store.

As you might have already suspected, there’s a catch. Cydia hasn’t been updated for iOS 11 just yet, so the “modified” Cydia that CoolStar refers to in his Tweet will include modified dependencies (APTdpkg, and gnu) that help make the app fully-functional in terms of an extension installer.

It’s entirely up to the jailbreak community as to whether they’d like to jump the gun and install this modified version of Cydia, but we’re almost 100% certain that Saurik would advise waiting for his official version of Cydia for iOS 11.

Furthermore, Electra doesn’t support Mobile Substrate yet; it instead uses an implementation of jailbreakd. Citing Saurik, this implementation isn’t as efficient or stable as the new dyld-hooking mechanism in the works for Mobile Substate for iOS 11.

From the current circumstances, we observe that CoolStar is doing great work to try and make Electra into a fully-functional jailbreak for everyone. On the other hand, we advise all novice jailbreakers to wait for Saurik’s official announcement about iOS 11 before moving forward. Keep in mind that if you use Electra in its current state, you do so at your own risk.

Are you excited to hear that Electra will receive support for a modified version of Cydia? Share in the comments below.

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