Fornite for iOS Earned $25 Million in First 30 Days

The latest numbers from SensorTower claims that Fornite has generated over $25 million in revenue in the first 30 days of its availability. The game has been second only to Netflix in the U.S. in terms of time spent on an app.


In the first 15 days of its availability on the iOS App Store, U.S. players spent $9.5 million on it, which is higher than what they spent on Tinder, Pandora, YouTube, or even Candy Crush Saga during the same time. In fact, compared to Tinder, Fornite players spent almost $1 million more on it and 2x times of what they spent on Candy Crush.

Fornite has been available for all iPhone and iPad owners on the App Store since April 1. Before that, the game made its debut on March 15 but was only available on an invite-only basis. And yet, the game has generated over $25 million in revenue after being available on the App Store for a month. The average spending in the game worldwide on a daily basis has also crossed $1 million. This shows the incredible popularity of the game and how well the IAP model is working out for Epic Games.

Sensor Tower predicts that if Fornite is able to maintain the current level of user interest around it and if the Android version of the game is launched by summer, the game would generate well over $500 million in revenue by the end of this year.

Are you playing Fornite on your iPhone or iPad ? If yes, how are you liking the game ?

Source: SensorTower

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