Snapchat Launches ‘Snappables’ AR Games

Snapchat today unveiled augmented reality games in the latest version of its mobile app. Called Snappables and found alongside Lenses in Snapchat’s latest update, this feature allows you to play augmented reality-powered games with your friends using touch, motion and even facial expressions.

Some of the available Snappables let you create a dance party or a rock band with friends, while others are more game-like in nature and can be controlled through facial expressions, touch, and motion. You can play a game where you fight virtual aliens, for example, and then send a Snap to a friend to play along.

According to a Snapchat spokesperson, Snappables are the beginning of a new type of augmented reality experience on Snapchat. Prior to now, Lenses have focused on transforming your look or the world around you, while Snappables are sharable AR experiences.

To play an augmented reality game with a friend, launch into your Snapchat camera, tap anywhere on the screen to pull the Lenses interface up, then select a Snappable to play. Because Snappables live right where Lenses do, Snapchat is hoping that by putting this feature front and center will increase its stickiness. You can invite your friends to play along at any time. Some Snappables even allow you to challenge friends to beat your high score, while others can invite them to multiplayer games! To get your head in the game, so to speak, you will need to update your copy of Snapchat to the most recent version.

New Snappables will be released every week.

Snapchat can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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