YouTuber Hacker Runs Full Windows 7 On iPhone X

Taking the phrase ‘Post-PC Device’ to the next level, YouTuber Hacking Jules has been able to boot the full Windows 7 on an iPhone X. The YouTubers has also recorded the feat and posted on his YouTube channel for all of us to see.

According to the hacker he used bochs x86 emulator for the task. This isn’t the first time Hacking Jules has ported a classic desktop operating system on an iOS device, as previously he has been able to run Windows 95 and SimCity 2000 game on iPhone X, Windows Vista on iPhone 7, Windows XP on iPhone 7 and more.

As you can see in the video running Windows 7 on iPhone X isn’t an easy task. It took about 30 minutes for the operating system to boot and become ‘usable’. once Windows 7 was loaded the video shows it running the Control Panel, start menu, MS Paint etc.

The cursor is moved around the screen by sliding the finger on the touchscreen. Needless to say it is a ‘just because you can’ kind of project that does not serve any useful purpose. Despite that it is super interesting and entertaining to see an iPhone X running Windows 7.

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