Facebook rolling out Voice Posts, Stories archive and more

Facebook today kicked off a staggered roll-out of Voice Posts, Stories archive and cloud storage for users’ photos and videos taken with the in-app camera.
The new features are launching in India first before they expand globally.

Cloud storage for your media

Due to limited cellular bandwidth and lower spec’d phones with inherent storage limitations, Facebook users in India will now be asked if they’d like to save photos or videos taken with Facebook’s in-app camera to the phone or their Facebook account in the cloud.
As evidenced by the screenshots top of post, any media saved to the cloud is private.
Any photos and videos saved in the Facebook cloud can be shared normally. According to The Verge, which provided Android screenshots embedded here that highlight these enhancements, Facebook does not mention any capacity limit in terms of these new storage options.

Voice Posts

This lets Facebook users optionally share voice messages as opposed to the regular text messages. The new Voice Posts option, accessible from the Facebook camera, is another concession to Indian users who can record a voice message faster than typing a message.

As a cool bonus, Facebook gets around the need to install native-language keyboards.

Stories archive

Like on Instagram, Stories posted on Facebook vanish automatically after 24 hours. With Stories archive, users can keep the Stories they value the most forever before they start disappearing after 24 hours. Stories that you have archived are visible only to you.
As you know, Instagram has a similar Stories archival feature.

Facebook says these updates will help users better “create and save memories.” As mentioned earlier in this article, the aforementioned new features announced today have now begun rolling out in India before hitting the rest of world “shortly thereafter.”

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