Apple seeds fourth betas of iOS 11.4, tvOS 11.4, watchOS 4.3.1, macOS 10.13.5

Less than one week after beta 3, Apple on Monday seeded the fourth betas of iOS 11.4, tvOS 11.4, watchOS 4.3.1 and macOS 10.13.5.

iOS 11.4 beta 4: The immediate release iOS 11.4 beta 4 is a chance for developers to sink their teeth into yet another release of Apple’s major mobile platform. The initial pre-release seeds have already shown us that Apple plans on re-introducing Messages on iCloud as well as AirPlay 2 functionality. iOS 11.4 is also the first version of iOS which includes Apple’s new ClassKit framework, as introduced during the company’s recent Field Trip event in Chicago, Illinois. Beta 4 is a continuation of the work that’s come before it but we’ll be sure to let you know of any new findings if any should arise.

tvOS 11.4 beta 4: tvOS is probably Apple’s least interacted-with firmware due to the sheer volume of users that interact with iOS, macOS, and watchOS on a daily basis, but that doesn’t make it any less important, especially for those with Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K. tvOS 11.4 beta 4 is a continuation of the platform and simply exists to streamline everything that’s already been implemented, such as AirPlay 2 support and the fact that Apple TV now shows up once again in the Home app on Apple’s iOS-powered devices.

watchOS 4.3.1 beta 4: As the versioning suggests, watchOS 4.3.1 is a continuation of the platform and a chance for Apple to try and eradicate any bugs or issues which went live and have since been discovered in watchOS 4.3. There are no new features in this version – that we currently know of, anyway – and, as mentioned, is Apple’s chance to stabilize and improve. This fourth beta is a perfect example of that.

macOS 10.13.5 beta 4: Any release of macOS is generally intended to work alongside new versions of iOS, and macOS 10.13.5 beta 4 is no different. This version of macOS reintroduces Messages on iCloud, which will work with devices running iOS 11.4. The rest of the release appears to be heavily focused on bug fixes and overall improvements to try and streamline the platform.

All of the aforementioned new pre-release seeds are available to download with immediate effect to registered developers of Apple Developer Program.

As always, if you are a registered developer or an individual with the necessary account privileges, you can grab the latest beta of iOS 11.4, tvOS 11.4, macOS 10.13.5, and watchOS 4.3.1 through the usual update mechanisms right now – either as OTA from the device itself, or as IPSW (and other formats) directly from

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