Fortnite On iOS Has Earned $50 Million so Far

Fortnite took 30 days to take in $25 million on mobile, and less than two weeks later, the game has managed to double its revenue to $50 million since its release in mid-March. The bump in revenue was helped by the release of the fourth season of the game which led to in-app spending increasing by 4x times over normal.

The revenue jump on its release day was led by people spending $10 to grab the in-game currency for season four Battle Pass to unlock additional content and perks in the season.

Epic Games has been constantly updating Fortnite as well with new content to ensure the in-app spending rate does not stagnate. It has been releasing new character skins and specific items for a limited time which has helped push in-app spending to $1 million from players per day.

Interestingly, this approach of rolling out items for a limited time has worked wonders for Epic games compared to releasing loot boxes. PUBG, the game’s biggest competitor, and with a bigger global player base on iOS managed to earn about 20 percent of the revenue of Fortnite in its first week with its loot box approach. The problem with loot boxes is that the items inside them are randomized so players might end up with items that are not particularly useful for them.

Do you play Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad? If yes, how much money have you spent in the game so far? What makes you so addictive to it?

Source: Sensor Tower

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