Fortnite v4.3 Adds Shopping Carts, Voice Chat Support for iOS

Fortnite today released v4.3 of the game with its first vehicle: shopping carts. Yes, shopping carts and they are available in Battle Royale mode so that you can have a lot of fun with them.

Shopping carts will be scattered throughout the game across a number of locations. Players can either push themselves while in the cart or take the help of a teammate riding shotgun.

iOS users will be pleased to know that v4.3 of the game also adds voice chat support so you can talk to your friends while playing the game for better coordination. Additionally, the Turbo Build feature is now available to create structures quickly.

Epic Games also announced the Blockbuster Event Part Two where you can meet Ray again and join forces with him to save Kulomiot.

Below is a detailed change-log of what’s new in Fortnite v4.3:

  • Turbo-building: After placing the first part of the building, the buildings will be built faster.
    • The first building will be erected after 0.15 sec. from holding the button (there are no changes); each subsequent built in turbo-build mode will be set after 0.05 sec.
    • Thanks to this, it was possible to repair the mistake, which caused that the construction erected in the fast construction mode was sometimes not made.
    • The difference between the time of erection of the first building (0.15 sec.) And subsequent construction in the turbo-building mode (0.05 sec.) Is to enable players to change the structure or rotate its elements.
  • In the game settings, a switch has been added for the ‘Aiming support in edit mode’ option.
    • For people using the controller this function was always active. From now on it can be turned on and off.
    • Supporting aiming in editing mode pulls the viewfinder towards the nearest field with the building and partially limits the viewfinder to the part of the building, which is edited by the player.
  • Saving the World and Battle Royale after their mode selection now have their own charging screens.

For the full change-log along with bugfixes head over to Epic Games website

Download: Fortnite

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