Apple announces macOS Mojave with Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop, and More

Alongside iOS 12, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12, Apple also released macOS 10.14 called Mojave. The highlight of the update is that it comes with a new dark mode — a feature which macOS users had been asking for a long time.

Dark Mode

The Dark Mode is implemented across the system including all system apps like Calendar, Photos, and more. Apple also announced a new version of Xcode with dark mode support.

Dynamic Desktop

There’s also a new Dynamic Desktop feature which automatically changes the desktop wallpaper depending on the time of the day.

Desktop Stacks

Taking a cue from the stacks feature of the dock, Apple is bringing the feature to the desktop. Desktop Stacks will automatically stack the clutter on your desktop to ensure your desktop always looks clean.

Updated Finder with Metadata Support

There’s a new Gallery View support in Finder along with metadata support. This will allow you to go through your photos while viewing their EXIF data at the same time. There’s also a Quick Actions bar where you can put custom actions or just use the default ones displayed by Apple.

Quick Look with Markup Tools

Quick Look is getting updated in Mojave to allow for video and photo editing. It also gains support for signing documents without having to open Preview or any other app.

Improved Screenshot Tools

Taking screenshots on macOS Mojave is going to get a whole lot better as Apple has added a new screenshot tool similar to the one it debuted with iOS 11 last year. The tool also has screen recording option built-in so you won’t have to use Quicktime for screen recording in macOS anymore.

Continuity Camera

Apple is improving Continuity feature in macOS Mojave with Continuity Camera. Any app on your macOS that requires a camera input can trigger the camera on your iPhone. For example, if you need to add selfie to a picture that you are editing, you can use Continuity Camera to open the camera on your iPhone and take a photo. This photo is then immediately sent to the app on your macOS.

Apple News, Voice Memo

The Apple News app is finally also making its debut on macOS. Additionally, Voice memo, Stocks, and Home apps from iOS are also coming to Mojave. They offer the same set of functionality as their iOS counterpart.

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