iOS 12 Beta Successfully Jailbroken By KeenLab Team

Given the fact that the jailbreak community appears to have the momentum of a freight train at the moment, this news was always on the horizon. However, it’s now been confirmed that iOS 12 beta 1 has been successfully jailbroken thanks to the wonderfully talented Liang Chen of the Tencent Keen Lab.

Chen shared the following video this weekend from his Twitter account that depicts a working jailbreak on an iPhone X running iOS 12 beta 1:

The jailbreak itself has been achieved on the very first beta of Apple’s iOS 12 platform, which currently has at least three months left to run in a pre-release state before it goes to the public. With that in mind, no-one with the intention of releasing a jailbreak would burn their methods on an early pre-release seed. It’s also highly likely that this work has been undertaken to show capability and that it’s actually possible to liberate iOS 12.

Anyone who understands the pedigree of Liang Chen, Marco Grassi, and the Tencent Keen Lab team, on the whole, will immediately understand that this jailbreak is indeed real. However, “real” doesn’t mean that it will be released into the public domain, as this jailbreak will never see the light of day. It’s likely that the team will be analyzing iOS 12, collecting vulnerabilities, and then potentially profiting from those discoveries by reporting them to Apple.

But as exciting as this may seem at first glance, you shouldn’t expect a public release. The KeenLab team usually keeps their jailbreaks to themselves for internal testing purposes only. If anything, Chen’s demo video serves as a proof of concept and illustrates how Apple’s newest firmware can still be jailbroken despite efforts made by the company to thwart the community.

Would you like to be able to jailbreak iOS 12 when it comes out? Share in the comments section below.

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