Meridian iOS 10.x jailbreak released with full support for all 64-bit devices

A development team consisting of PsychoTea, Siguza, and multiple others have pulled together to release another jailbreak tool into the community. For those individuals who are running iOS 10.x on a 64-bit device, the highly-anticipated final version of Meridian is now being offered with immediate effect for device liberation purposes after being available as a beta for a very long time.

The Meridian jailbreak, like many other tools in recent memory, is an .IPA file that gets side-loaded onto the user’s device with Cydia Impactor. Once done, the user can trust the app in Settings and then launch it to run the jailbreak tool contained within.

Many of those who are still sitting on iOS 10 have relied on Luca Todesco’s Yalu102 jailbreak offering to give them access to Cydia. However, that experience was limited in terms of the firmware and devices that it supported. Meridian looks to go beyond what Yalu offered.

Yalu102 didn’t support iPhone 7 and limited firmware support to iOS 10.2 and below Meridian immediately offers more than what has previously been available by including iPhone 7 in its supported devices bundle and even jailbreaks as far forward as iOS 10.3.3. That represents an immediate win for individuals who are perfectly happy with iOS 10.3.3 and have thus far declined to move across and install iOS 11.x. Aside from those improvements over Yalu, Meridian is bundled together and offered like most other jailbreaks in recent memory.

Notably, it’s a semi-untethered jailbreak experience just like Yalu and Electra, so you will need to re-run the jailbreak app from your Home screen every time you reboot your handset. Those hopping onboard with Meridian might notice that it’s a bit more stable than its predecessor, Yalu. As it would seem, this is because Meridian is a KPP-less (Kernel Patch Protection-less) jailbreak and doesn’t rely on dubious bypass techniques to work correctly.

As of this writing, Meridian v0.9 is in its pre-release stages, but it’s considered “out of beta.” If you’re interested in grabbing it, then you can head over to the official Meridian web site to do so. We’ll have complimentary tutorials shortly.

Are you excited about the release of the Meridian jailbreak? Let us know in the comments section below!

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