10 Percent of Apple Devices Are Running iOS 12

According to data from Mixpanel, which was shared after the public launch of iOS 12 earlier this week, the newest software from Apple is on 10 percent of devices out there in the wild. 24 hours after launch, according to the data, iOS 12 was installed on 7.8% of devices, and it took 48 hours after launch to reach 10.43 percent. To compare, iOS 11 reached 10% of devices out in the wild after just 24 hours, while iOS 10 was installed on almost 15 percent of devices after its first initial day of availability.

If the data is accurate, it points to iOS 12 adoption being a bit slower than what Apple saw in the previous two major upgrades to the mobile operating system. The data is just that, and there is no additional information to go on here. We don’t know why folks out there in the wild may not be updating to iOS 12 — even two days after its initial launch.

Of course, it isn’t a secret that while iOS 12 does bolster a ton of new features, it isn’t a major redesign of the platform. iOS 12 is primarily designed as a performance and speed upgrade, especially for older devices. So while folks on older hardware might be ready to get the new software, folks on newer handsets or tablets might not be rushing to download and install iOS 12.

That doesn’t mean iOS 12 won’t see a high install number at some point down the road, of course. At the time of publication, iOS 11 is now installed on 81.93% of devices, while “older” versions are now at 7.63 percent.

Source: Mixpanel

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