iOS 12 Jailbreak ! WARNING

The demand for an iOS 12 jailbreak is high, however there’s no jailbreak available for the latest version of iOS. This situation is ripe for scammers who are taking full advantage of it by offering fake iOS 12 jailbreak tools. Using such tools can potentially be catastrophic for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users as it could do irreparable damage to your device and could even steal your data.

The fake iOS 12 jailbreak issue was highlighted by well known hacker Pwn20wnd, who notes that users should stay away from fake jailbreaks and he went as far as saying users should simply avoid upgrading to iOS 12 if they care about jailbreaking their device, since an iOS 12 jailbreak isn’t even on the horizon yet.

While hackers usually try to gain something out of such scams, there are reports on /r/jailbreak that the fake tools floating around are harmless, however you should still stay away from them.

As of now there are no legit jailbreaks available for iOS 12, while the only jailbreaks available are unc0ver and Electra both of which are for iOS 11.4 up to iOS 11.4b3.

It is easy to fall for jailbreak scams as they are usually well designed and play on emotions of the jailbreak fans who are eager to trying new tools. New jailbreakers are especially vulnerable to such scams as they are not aware of the dangers such tools can pose.

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