unc0ver v2.1.3 released with bug fixes and improvements

Less than a week after launching unc0ver v2.1.1 to the general public, hacker and project lead developer Pwn20wnd has updated the iOS 11-centric jailbreak tool once again with bug fixes and improvements.

Pwn20wnd revealed the updated jailbreak tool Saturday morning via Twitter, adding that unc0ver v2.1.3 as an updated public release for all users rather than a beta intended for public testing:

Citing Pwn20wnd’s official GitHub page, unc0ver v2.1.3 encompasses the following changes:

01/19/2019 – v2.1.3 was released for production with the following changes:

– Fix a bug in patch finder that affected the shenanigans finder on specific iOS versions

– Switch to a better versioning system

– Make downgrading from v2.2.0 possible (Unreleased as of now)

An asterisk in the changelog adds that the version number 2.1.2 has been skipped over entirely because it was already being used for an internal testing version.

If you’re using unc0ver v2.1.1 at the time of this writing, then you’re advised to update to unc0ver v2.1.3 at your earliest convenience to ensure you have all the latest bug fixes and improvements. Just as with previous versions of the unc0ver jailbreak tool, version 2.1.3 is available for download from Pwn20wnd’s official GitHub repository.

Unc0ver is a semi-tethered jailbreak just like Electra, which means you must re-run the tool after every reboot. That aside, it bundles an iOS 11-optimized build of Cydia that sports the official seal of approval from Saurik himself.

Have you downloaded unc0ver v2.1.3 yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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