Vex : Themes For Control Center & Notification Center – iOS 8

Vex : Themes For Control Center & Notification Center – iOS 8


Vex is an upcoming tweak that will give you the ability to theme your Notification Center and your Control Center, just by selecting the theme within the settings and respringing your device. There’s quite a few themes to check out as well.

We’ve always had a way to theme our icons through Winterboard, but most of the theming options we had for the CC and NC have been just having the ability to hide certain sections, or change up the blur. With Vex, you get complete themes with new knobs, sliders, buttons, backgrounds, the works.

There are several themes for the CC and 3 for the NC, but the dev says that there will be more themes in the future. If you don’t want to wait, you can even create your own. Some of the default themes provided for the CC include a Modern theme, and Classic theme. My favorite would have to be the Modern theme.

 You also have a few options for the NC such as Wood and Classic.

If you want to check out all the themes that are available for the NC and the CC take a look at the video below :

Vex will be available in Cydia soon and it will be $0.99. Let us know what you think about this tweak in the comments below !

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