BlurryLaunch : Awesome Smooth Blur Effect To The App-Launching Animation – iOS 8

BlurryLaunch : Awesome Smooth Blur Effect To The App-Launching Animation – iOS 8

A simple new jailbreak tweak that adds an awesome smooth blur effect to the app-launching animation.

If you find launching apps on your iPhone a bit too boring and are looking for a way to add a nice flare to it then we have got the tweak hack for you. The new BlurryLaunch tweak adds a nice blur effect that appears whenever you launch an app. The effect is briefly shown when you tap on any app’s icon and disappears almost instantly without interfering with any other aspect of your iOS experience. There are a number of effects you can choose from, 5 to be exact. The developer has promised that more effects will be added in the upcoming updates.

The 5 effects that are already available look quite similar to each other but feature different colors, allowing you to customize the look of the blur effect according to your taste. There are not many settings to configure for BlurryLaunch, from its preference page you can enable or disable the tweak or change the theme. Although there is a respring button in the Settings area the new effect is usually applied without the respring.


The tweak, which is available for download free of charge from Cydia, includes several blur themes to add custom colors to the launch animation as well. Watch our video walkthrough to see how it works in action.

Once you install BlurryLaunch, venture over to the stock Settings app to configure the tweak’s preferences. Inside of the BlurryLaunch preference panel, you’ll find a kill-switch for enabling or disabling the effects of the tweak, and a themes panel. Inside of the themes panel, you’ll find half a dozen different themes to choose from. The themes include:

  • Cloudy Blue
  • Vibrant Green
  • Smoke White
  • Fuchsia
  • Vermilion
  • Gold Yellow

Although BlurryLaunch includes a respring button in its preferences to apply theme changes, as noted in the description on Cydia, you don’t actually need to respring to enact the changes. If you just wait a few moments after switching themes, or launch an un-launched app, then the theme should kick in to effect without necessitating a respring.

What do you think about BlurryLaunch ? Would you consider using it ? Sound off down below in the comments with your thoughts and opinions.

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