iCleaner Pro Now Ready To Clean Your iPhone/iPad And Free Up Your Storage On iOS 8.3

iCleaner Pro Now Ready To Clean Your iPhone/iPad And Free Up Your Storage On iOS 8.3

One of our most favorite and one of Cydia’s most useful tweaks, iCleaner Pro has been updated for iOS 8.3 and the beta version is now available for download. The update that makes the app compatible with iOS 4.x up to iOS 8.x does not bring any design changes, however it features some major under the hood improvements that make the app faster and more capable when it comes to cleaning up your iOS device’s storage.

It boosts up your device time to time by removing unnecessary files, clearing cookies, temporary files and much more. It does not delete necessary files; it deletes only those files that are no longer in use. It keeps your phone running smoothly and free from unnecessary storage. Downloading the tweak is like a adding feather to the cap of your device.

According to the developer the latest version has been mostly rewritten making it faster not only on iOS 8 but also on older editions of the OS. iCleaner Pro has been designed to target the extensions in iOS 8 so it could free up maximum space on your device while not deleting data related to apps you have added in the exclude list.

It removes screenshots, iPad pics, languages, fonts, iMessages, unseen messages, cracked files that are not shown but exist within device. And it will also clean/remove downloaded iOS firmware files that are no longer in use.

You can set a schedule or add any files and folders for the cleanup process. You will have to add the file and folders for custom cleaning. By default, it checks for log and temp files only.


If iCleaner is attached with Applications like Safari or Chrome, it can detect popular apps for in-depth cleanups. It gives you even more control such as, you can set scheduled iCleaner through Activator. You can launch it through its Flipswitch toggle. It’s worth downloading.

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