VOLKSWAGEN Offers first CarPlay-enabled vehicles heading to dealers

VOLKSWAGEN Offers first CarPlay-enabled vehicles heading to dealers


Wednesday,Volkswagen announced  that its first CarPlay-enabled vehicles have begun shipping from production facilities. The German automaker says the first 2016 models featuring its new infotainment system will start landing in dealer showrooms in “late July 2015”.

It’s calling the new infotainment system “MIB II,” and in addition to CarPlay it will also support Android Auto and MirrorLink. In the press release, Volkswagen calls the new system “one of the most comprehensive suites of connected vehicle services and features available”.

“As the people’s car brand,” said Michael Horn, CEO of Volkswagen America, “we knew that it was important to democratize these technologies across the Volkswagen line-up, with features like App-Connect ensuring that more consumers can integrate their smart devices”.

Introduced in the spring of 2014, Apple pitches CarPlay as a “smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car.” Users with compatible iPhones and head units can make calls, access text messages and perform various other functions using touch controls and voice commands.

A number of auto manufacturers have pledged support for CarPlay, and capable vehicles are slowly beginning to hit the streets. In the past few months, GM, Honda and Chevrolet have all announced that their upcoming 2016 lineups would feature Apple’s digital dashboard.

Source: Volkswagen

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