Best 5 Tweak To Customize Cydia app – iOS 8 – 8.3 & 8.4 – TaiG & Pangu Jailbreak

Best 5 Tweak To Customize Cydia app – iOS 8 – 8.3 & 8.4 – TaiG & Pangu Jailbreak

Fortunately, saurik has opened up Cydia to third-party modifications, and for that we all are very thankful. In the version 1.1.19, the installer now runs as mobile instead of root. This means that Cydia Substrate tweaks can now modify Cydia. now jailbreak tweaks and themes can modify Cydia, just the way they can modify iOS and other apps. That was a huge change as one of the quirks about Cydia was that it always retained the stock look even when you installed jailbreak tweaks and themes that changed the look and feel of iOS.

As expected, many new jailbreak tweaks specifically designed for Cydia are beginning to appear. Here is the best 5 tweaks to customize cydia app , Watch our video walkthrough to see the full list :


#1 – CustomDia
#2 – FavoriteTweaks
#3 – Nella
#4 – TranslucentCydia
#5 – SwipeForMore


#1 – CustomDia : First up on this list of tweaks is CustomDia. It offers a variety of features including ability to enable a landscape mode in Cydia, disable warning that appears when you try to add a pirate repo and skip the loading page that appears when you launch Cydia. It also adds a dedicated ‘Favorite Tweaks’ section where you can add tweaks you like the most. You can download CustomDia from Cydia for free.


CustomDia cydia tweak will not allow you to improve and add functionality to Cydia.

A section in the settings allow you to activate Landscape (like iPad), remove sources “pirate” of alerts, to hide its installed tweak and spend the early loading page and other..

The button “about” a was replaced by a button in which you’ll be able to do a respring and refresh your sources

#2 – FavoriteTweaks : allows you to save Cydia releases and manage them from one central location. FavoriteTweaks requires iOS 8 and Cydia 1.1.19 or higher. After installing the tweak, you’ll find a new star icon in the upper right-hand corner of the main Cydia tab.


When you tap the star icon, you’ll be taken to your listing of favorite tweaks. Once there, you can use the ‘+’ sign in the upper right-hand corner to search for and add tweaks to your favorites.

Tapping on a favorite works exactly like you might assume, in that it takes you to the package description page of the tweak. You can also swipe on the name of the tweak and access additional options like Modify, Install, or Delete. Users can rearrange the items in the list of favorites by using a tap-hold-and-drag gesture to reorder the contents.

Some may question the use-case-scenario of FavoriteTweaks, but I think the situation outlined in the beginning of this post is its most apt use. It’s simply a place where you can store tweaks, installed or not, that you wish to access later.
#3 – Nella : It lets you customize the colors of the installation interface background and buttons for a truly unique look.


After installing Nella, you’ll need to open up the Settings app and find the preference panel for the tweak. Once there, you’ll see several options for customizing the look of the Cydia install interface.

Options include background color, and text color for the respring button. There’s also the ability to disable the border of the button, and set the border radius.

Lastly, there’s a switch for enabling auto finish. This will cause the device to automatically respring when an install is completed instead of forcing the user to tap the Restart SpringBoard button.

I do wish Nella had some sort of RGB slider or color picker, instead of making users rely on hexadecimal color codes. I also don’t enjoy the fact that any change requires a respring before it will be enacted.

Despite those inconveniences, I still recommend Nella. It’s free, and as you can see from the screenshots above, the end result looks really good.
#4 – TranslucentCydia : As stated by developer Same Stone, TranslucentCydia aims to “prettify the Cydia installation screen”. It does so by mixing in the Home screen wallpaper with a translucent Cydia install page background.


After installation of TranslucentCydia, there are no options to configure. Once you respring and try installing another app or tweak from Cydia, you’ll simply notice the different background on the installation page.

To the developer’s credit, the installation screen, which was just a plain black screen before with white text, does look more appealing with its blurred image of the Home screen.
#5 – SwipeForMore : allows you to swipe on a tweak in order to access install and uninstall options. It can save you time, because you don’t have to navigate into a tweak’s individual page in order to manage it.


SwipeForMore is an awesome tweak that will surely become a staple for many. Simply being able to swipe on a tweak to install, queue, or uninstall, is so much faster than the old way of managing packages.

Queuing, in particular, benefits from SwipeForMore. When you use queueing via SwipeForMore’s interface, the Confirm dialogue pops up, but then automatically disappears in order to accept your next command.

It’s really hard to appreciate how much this speeds up the workflow without seeing it in action, hence, you should definitely watch the video above to see SwipeForMore and other new Cydia-centric tweaks in action.


Any favorite from this list ? Feel free to share with everybody.


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