Earth Lockscreen Tweak lets you puts a rotating globe on iPhone’s lockscreen

Earth Lockscreen Tweak lets you puts a rotating globe on iPhone’s lockscreen

Do you find the lockscreen of your iPhone or iPod touch a little too boring? If yes, then a new tweak called Earth Lockscreen can help you make it interesting and fun again. It adds a fully interactive rotating globe on LS, which also lets you zoom as well as move the globe in any direction. The globe that is added is highly detailed and well lit, letting you to see all parts of it. It offers a much better looking experience to the user than a still wallpaper.

EarthLockScreen quite literally lives up to its name in that it places a spinning globe right on your iPhone’s Lock screen. To rotate the globe in any direction all you have to do is slide on it. You can even zoom on it by performing the pinch-to-zoom gesture. While you can set any wallpaper in the background of the Earth, you will get the best and most realistic result when a black wallpaper or something resembling our solar system is used.


The Earth Lockscreen tweak lets you enable or disable the globe from its preferences page. The affect is implemented immediately, so you won’t have to respring your device every time you turn it on or off.


Using EarthLockScreen is an extremely simple affair. Once you enable it, go to your iPhone’s Lock screen and you should see a rotating globe. EarthLockScreen’s developer recommends using a solid black wallpaper, but any dark wallpaper that’s not too busy should suffice.

You can use a tap and drag gesture to manually rotate the globe in your desired direction, or you can leave it to its own to rotate automatically. You can also use a two finger pinch gesture to zoom in and out of the earth, but the effect doesn’t work very well, because the globe is cut off by the rest of the Lock screen elements upon zooming in.

If you’d like to dismiss the earth, perform a single tap gesture right on the globe and it’ll disappear. Earth Lockscreen tweak is available in Cydia for free. It does not support iPad, yet.

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