SwitcherTweak Pro adds lots of new options to the iOS 9 app switcher

SwitcherTweak Pro adds lots of new options to the iOS 9 app switcher


One of the noticeable changes in iOS 9 is the App Switcher that has been redesigned completely with rounded app cards and a new animation. If you’d like to customize it then you should definitely check out a newly released jailbreak tweak known as SwitcherTweak Pro that has been made exclusively for the iOS 9 App Switcher.

With SwitcherTweak, you can have app cards scrolling in all four directions as options include up, down, flipped, and naturally the default scroll direction. When you are using up or down layouts for the app switcher, you have to swipe right or left respectively to quit apps. After changing the direction make sure to hit the respring button to make the changes take affect.

SwitcherTweak Pro-iOS9-tweak-iapptweak

The tweak also offers an option to disable the blur effects found on the app switcher by default. Disabling them can improve the performance of the multitasking screen. You can disable page blurring, background blurring, springboard page blurring and hide page labels.

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After installation, you’ll need to venture into the stock Settings app and find the preference panel for SwitcherTweak. There, you’ll find a kill switch, page scroll direction options, default switcher options, and additional features for customizing the App Switcher. Any change that you make to the tweak’s preferences will necessitate a respring before the changes will take place.

The main focus of the tweak is to enable you to change the direction of the scrolling. For instance, you can change the scrolling direction to up or down so that you can scroll the app cards vertically instead of horizontally. Once you’re done with the changes, you’re required to respring your device in order for the new changes to take effect.

If you use your iPhone in the right hand, then you will find the tweak handy as you can change the scrolling direction of the app switcher to “flipped”, a feature that is surprisingly missing in iOS 9.

SwitcherTweak Pro is available on Cydia for $0.99. If you’re on a jailbroken iOS device, then click on the download link below to purchase and install the jailbreak tweak from Cydia. there is also “SwitcherTweak” the free version, so if you’re interested to give it a try, you should add the following source first: http://skylerk99.github.io/. Once added, you should be able to find the tweak by simply searching its name in Cydia.

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