WinterBoard now compatible with iOS 9

WinterBoard now compatible with iOS 9


Winterboard, the popular theming tool for iOS, has now been updated to support iOS 9 devices. This means that you can now enjoy all of the many wonderful themes available on Cydia with the latest available jailbreak.

Saurik mentions that the update was primarily tested by Saurik using his popular ayecon theme. However, there are still chances of other issues appearing as Winterboard gets tested by more users so Saurik has requested to report any problems that occur.

Here’s the complete changelog of Winterboard version 0.0.3919:

  • 9.x: Fix Calendar Icons (Surenix)
  • 9.x: Don’t Crash Spotlight Search


It’s important to note that the alternative tool for Winterboard, namely Anemone, has been out in Cydia for a long time with support for iOS 9 and works pretty much the same as Winterboard so if you face any issues using Winterboard then you should consider checking out Anemone.

If you haven’t updated Winterboard yet then head to Cydia and perform the update now. Let us know what your favorite themes are in the comments section below.

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