Apple Releases tvOS 9.1 for the fourth-generation Apple TV

Apple today released tvOS 9.1, the first major update to the tvOS operating system that runs on the fourth-generation Apple TV. tvOS 9.1 has been in testing since November 3, just a few days after the final version of tvOS was released alongside the new Apple TV in October.


tvOS 9.1 can be accessed through an Over the Air (OTA) update. Owners can access the software by heading into the Settings app, finding System, and then selecting Software Update.

Depending on your settings, your set-top box should automatically prompt you to install the downloaded update, or it could automatically install it without user intervention. If you have opted to manually apply tvOS updates, go to System → Software Updates → Update Software on your device and the update prompt should pop up.

tvOS 9.1 betas introduced support for Siri search for Apple Music, allowing fourth-generation Apple TV owners to ask Siri to play content from Apple Music. Siri for Apple Music on the Apple TV works similarly to Siri for Apple Music on iOS devices, enabling queries like “What was the top song in 1980?” or “Play Adele’s latest single.” It is not yet clear if this feature made it into the final version of tvOS 9.1.

The tvOS update includes several bug fixes for issues discovered in the current version of tvOS, and according to beta testing notes, it features improvements to networking and scrolling.

tvOS 9.1 is the first major update to tvOS, but it’s the second update overall. Apple previously released tvOS 9.0.1 with under-the-hood bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apple Releases tvOS 9.1 for the fourth-generation Apple TV

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