Apple releases First iOS 9.3 Beta to Public Beta Testers

A three days after seeding iOS 9.3 beta 1 to developers, Apple has released iOS 9.3 Public Beta 1 to beta testers as a part of its public beta program. This release is the first of what’s expected to be several different releases, as Apple rolls out new features into its mobile software. iOS 9.2.1 is still currently being tested in its beta phase as well.


For those who are already signed up for the beta testing program, and have their iOS device running pre-release software, the iOS 9.3 update is available as an over-the-air (OTA) software update on that device.

Those who want to be a part of Apple’s beta testing program can sign up to participate through the beta testing website, which gives users access to both iOS and OS X betas.

iOS 9.3 is a major update to the iOS 9 operating system, introducing a long list of new features and improvements. iOS 9.3’s biggest new feature is Night Shift mode, which is designed to automatically cut down on the amount of blue light an iOS user is exposed to at night by shifting to more yellow tones for the iPhone or iPad’s display. With iOS 9.3, there’s a number of changes for educational users, and the iPhone is now able to pair with multiple Apple Watches.

The update also includes new 3D Touch Quick Actions for stock apps like Weather, Settings, Compass, Health, App Store, and iTunes Store, plus it introduces password protection for individual notes in the Notes app. News in iOS 9.3 includes in-line video playback, landscape mode on the iPhone, and more personalization, while the Health app introduces a new Apple Watch-style “Activity” interface.

Do you plan on running the iOS 9.3 beta on your iOS device?

First iOS 9.3 Beta to Public Beta Testers

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