CinemaBox : Watch And Download latest Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons And More For Free on your iDevice

Are you looking to Stream and Download movies or TV shows for free? Here’s a new streaming app that lets you watch free movies, tv shows, cartoons etc. on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad free of cost. The app, called CinemaBox, is certainly not the first of its kind. However, it is super easy to use and offers a long list of new movies and tv shows.

CinemaBox app is a new app launched by Playbox hd app developers. PlayBox HD app is a very popular app to stream and watch latest movies and TV series. I think people who love watching movies on mobile phones might well aware of this app. PlayBox hd app was working properly in the beginning but due to sudden increase in terms of users it was down for a few weeks. So, the developers of PlayBox app decided to launch a new version of it very soon. Now, they came with a new app called Cinema Box.

CinemaBox App serves all the latest and newly released movies to the users. Users can experience high quality videos in it. Different genres are available on Cinema Box App just like Playbox hd app. User can enjoy a specific genre videos if they want. Movies or TV shows can be downloaded directly in Cinema Box App. The application is user friendly and will be easy to use. These are the standard features of Cinema Box App.


CinemaBox is available for both iOS and Android, but you will not find it on the App Store, for obvious reasons. The interface is easy to use and all you need to do is select a movie, choose a stream and start watching. The app supports both Apple TV and Chromecast streaming, which means you can stream the content from your iOS or Android device to your TV.

Here’s the full list of features available on the CinemaBox app:

  • Daily updates, many sources with quality to play.
  • You can use app with any mobile network connections 2G/3G/4G or WiFi.
  • Support Kids Mode for your children.
  • Support subtitle with all language.
  • App supports multiple languages.
  • Download videos right from YouTube.
  • Contact and request movies.

Here is the complete process to get Cinema Box app on your iPad or iPhone:

This app is currently available on DTAthemes Repo. Your iDevice need to be jailbroken.

  • First go to Cydia on your phone. There you can find sources. click on it.
  • Now, click on edit option that you can see there.
  • After clicking edit, Now click on Add button.
  • It shows an url box where you have to enter an url there. Enter “” in the url box.
  • After entering the url given above, click on add source button. That’s it.
  • Now, Go to repo and there you can find cinema box app which is a new version of Playbox hd. Enjoy.

Let us know what you think of CinemaBox app in the comments.

CinemaBox : Watch And Download latest Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons And More For Free on your iDevice


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  1. Great app, good selections. Unfortunately, there is no forward or rewind option. So that pretty much requires you to watch the entire movie or show without being able to do anything else besides pausing it. The worst part is if the movie or show crashes on you then your only option is to go back to select and play it again without being able to fast forward to the place it crashed. You have to start the movie/show from the beginning again which is a real drag. Please fix this.

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