Apple Stops iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c from sale in India

To improve profitability and increase its average selling price, Apple has decided to stop selling the iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s in India, The Economic Times reported Tuesday. Both these phones were among the cheapest in Apple’s lineup in India.

The iPhone 4s sold for as little as Rs 12,000, which works out to about $175. The iPhone 5c used to retail Rs 20,000, or about $292.


In removing the two handsets from sale in India, the iPhone 5s has become Apple’s most affordable handset in the country, priced at Rs 24,000 (about $350).

Apple’s exit will definitely help Motorola, Samsung, OnePlus and other Chinese brands whose phones are selling like hot cakes under this price range. As per a senior executive who works closely with Apple, the company continued selling the iPhone 4s in markets like Brazil, India and Russia due to demand and the economic conditions of these countries.

Apple is rumored to release a new four-inch handset in mid-March, tentatively dubbed ‘iPhone 5se’ which should combine a revised iPhone 5s look with the latest hardware features such as Apple Pay, Touch ID, better cameras and the A9 processor.

Source: The Economic Times

Apple Stops iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c from sale in India

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