Gravitation Jailbreak Tweak Adds The Force Of Gravity To Your Home Screen Icons

We constantly cover all new Cydia tweaks that helps you customize your iDevices according to your likings. Today we found yet another Cydia tweak that will help you play with your iPhone home screen in amazing way. The new Cydia tweak is called Gravitation by Majd Alfhaily, might be something worth checking out.

Gravitation is a brand new cydia tweak that adds nice gravitational effect to your Home screen app icons. With just the shake of your iPhone, the tweak will be activated and make your app icons fall to the bottom of the screen. By tilting your device, you can move the app icons freely on the screen.

Gravitation also supports Activator allowing you to use a gesture to invoke the tweak. To disable the gravity effect, all you have to do is to press the Home screen button and the app icons will move back to their original place and stay still.


Once Gravitation is installed, you can access its preference pane from the default Settings app and can toggle the changes. Apart from these simple changes, it does have some advance settings for expert users. You can enable or disable it on demand, add exploding animation, hide app labels and toggle on or off app launching. The pane also allows you to adjust the amount of gravity, bounciness, and friction.

So you see, the Gravitation tweak gives you a lot of customization options to play with, so you can easily add some spice to the Home screen with it. The tweak will not make your device more efficient or functional, but it is a novelty tweak and is meant to make the Home screen experience more fun and enjoyable. The tweak is available for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and supports both iOS 8 and iOS 9.

Let us know what’s in your view about Gravitation!


► inTro : Club Thump (Free Music )

► Music : Beat Your Competition (Free Music )

► Tweak flips icons : Random icon flip

► Theme :


Gravitation Jailbreak Tweak Adds The Force Of Gravity To Your Home Screen Icons


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