Apple Leases Old Pepsi Bottling Plant Near Rumored Car Development Site

According to The Silicon Valley Business Journal, Apple has expanded its real estate holdings in Sunnyvale, California with the lease of a 96,000 square foot industrial property that formerly served as a Pepsi bottling plant. The company’s lease had started back in November 2015, though it was only revealed in late February via some public documents.

A property lease in Sunnyvale is notable because it is rumored to be the area where Apple is working on its secret car project. Apple has several known offices at a 7-building campus at North Wolfe Road and Central Expressway in Sunnyvale and one building at the location is suspected to be a shell company serving as a front for Apple’s car development efforts.


It is unclear for what purpose Apple will be using this leased property in Sunnyvale. The company already has multiple offices in the city where it is reportedly working on its secret car project, codenamed Project Titan. The above 96,000 square foot building leased by Apple is less than a mile away from one of its campus’ in the city located at North Wolfe Road.

While the Apple Car project has an internal deadline inside Apple, the company has not revealed any details about it or confirmed its existence. Recently, at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting, Tim Cook said that “it’s going to be Christmas Eve for awhile” when someone asked him about this much rumored car from Apple.

Apple Leases Old Pepsi Bottling Plant Near Rumored Car Development Site

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