iOS 9.3 beta 5 disables Night Shift mode in Low Power Mode

iOS 9.3 is in its fifth beta stage now, and some changes that Apple implemented in the software are slowly starting to come to light.

Night Shift mode, one of the headline new features in iOS 9.3, has been tweaked again in the latest beta and now permits users to manually enable the feature until tomorrow within Settings, and the feature is now automatically disabled in Low Power Mode.

Meanwhile, tapping the Night Shift icon in Control Center no longer brings up a contextual menu with “Turn On For Now” and “Turn On Until Tomorrow” options. Instead, the toggle now manually activates Night Shift until the next trigger in your automatic schedule, such as sunset, sunrise, or a specific time.

In prior beta, enabling Low Power Mode automatically disabled Night Shift Mode to preserve the battery, but you could still manually re-enable Night Shift Mode. In beta 5, Night Shift Mode can no longer be used when the iPhone is in Low Power Mode.

Available in Settings → Display & Brightness → Night Shift section, there’s a new switch labeled “Manually Enable Until Tomorrow” which does just that. In addition, Night Shift mode is now disabled when your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, which will grey out Night Shift toggles in Control Center and Settings.

Similarly, there is a new “Manually Enable Until Tomorrow” toggle in the Night Shift settings that keeps the feature turned on until the following morning’s sunrise, or another specified time. This means the toggles in Settings and Control Center, which can also disable Night Shift, are essentially the same in this beta.


Also in the settings, the color temperature slider has also been moved to the bottom of the menu. The “Cooler” and “Warmer” labels have been changed to “Less Warm” and “More Warm,” while the small blue and orange circle markers have been removed. New fine print says “warmer temperatures can reduce eye strain.”

Perhaps the biggest change, though, is the fact that Apple has now made Night Shift disabled by default when Low Power Mode is activated. When the phone is switched to this battery-saving mode, both the Night Shift option in Control Center and in Settings is grayed out, preventing the user from activating it when the option is activated.

iOS 9.3 is a pretty sizable update, including new features like Night Shift, secure Notes, and more.

iOS 9.3 beta 5 disables Night Shift mode in Low Power Mode

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