YouTube’s apps updated with deep neural network algorithm

YouTube’s mobile apps for iOS and Android is being updated with a new homepage starting today, replacing the small thumbnails that offered up recommended videos with a single in-line content stream that serves up ranked recommended videos based on an improved algorithm.

The new redesign isn’t the only part worth noting, though. According to the official announcement, the new update also supports “deep neural network technology,” which means that the more you use the YouTube app, and the more videos you watch, the Home tab will start to learn what you like, and make recommendations based on that.

Whether you want to watch hilarious sketch comedy, your favorite vlogger, new let’s plays, or music videos, you should be able to see new videos you love every time you visit YouTube–right on your homepage. Starting today, when you open the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android phone, you’ll experience a redesigned Home, with a clean and simple format that invites you to discover and enjoy.

The team says that this new update means you’ll see more recent videos, as well as more content from the creators that you watch regularly.

“One of the biggest improvements is how the system suggests more recent videos and those from the creators you love,” said Google. “People who have tried the new system have spent more time watching fresh videos and content from their Subscriptions.”

The new update for YouTube begins rolling out today. How often are you perusing the YouTube catalog and watching videos?

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