New ‘Accessibility’ Section Launches On Apple Online Store

Apple has added a new “Accessibility” category to its online store, the Cupertino company  listed about 15 accessories separated into sub-categories such as Vision, Physical & Motor Skills and Learning & Literacy products, with more to be added at a later stage.


Some of the more interesting products include the AbleNet Blue2 Bluetooth Switch for helping people with impaired motor skills operate functions of their iOS devices, the Skoogmusic Skoog 2.0, which is a 5-sided tactile tube for learning, playing or creating music, the HumanWare Brand BI 32 Braille Display for helping blind or partially sighted people navigate the entirety of the iOS and OS X user interfaces (it serves as a screen reader as well) and many others.

It was rumored late last year that Apple would begin selling accessibility accessories in its physical retail stores in “early 2016,” but it seems the company decided to rollout a few options to its online store first. For anyone close to an Apple Store location, Apple is offering a Personal Pickup option for the new accessories, as well.

Apple is one of the very few companies that lays great emphasis on accessibility and tries to make the life of people with disabilities easier through its products. On world Autism day recently, the company released an ad highlighting how the iPad was helping a kid with special needs better communicate with the world.

Source: Amvsement

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