Apple’s free app of the week: Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Apple on Thursday updated its App of the Week promotion with the game Pixel Cup Soccer 16. This means from now through next Thursday, you’ll be able to pick up the retro-style football title for free on both iPhone and iPad—saving you $3.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a retro-style, dynamic arcade game. It features fast-pace gameplay, nostalgic graphics and soundtrack that will take you back to the 90’s, and 3 game modes: Friendly, competition and PKs.

From the App Store Editors’ Notes:

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a fully retro, fully refreshing take on soccer. We absolutely love the animation and old-school blips and bloops. While taking on the AI proves a worthwhile challenge, scorching our friends in Party Mode is our favorite way to play.

And here’s a clip of the game in action:

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is available in the App Store for free.

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