Apple’s free app of the week: Perchang

Apple on Thursday updated its App of the Week promotion with the game Perchang. This means that for the next 7 days, you’ll be able to download the popular puzzler for free on both iPhone and iPad—a solid savings of $2.


Perchang is kind of a cross between pinball and a physics puzzler that exercises your brain and tests your coordination. Use flippers, magnets, portals, fans and other gizmos to guide tiny marbles to their goal to win each level.

From the App Store Editors’ Notes:

The virtual Rube Goldberg machines that make up Perchang’s gorgeous levels are so lovely to look at that you might forget what you’re here to do—move marbles into their proper pipes. With contraptions ranging from flippers to conveyer belts at your disposal, this inventive 3D puzzler requires an intoxicating mix of skill, smarts, and laser-sharp focus.

And here is a clip of the game in action:

It’s a gorgeous game; one really worth checking out. Perchang is available in the App Store for free.

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