Instagram Update Will Let Users Turn Comments Off

A new update coming to Instagram will allow users to turn the comments section under each of their posts off completely, This has been available for a small number of accounts already, but in “a few weeks” it will be available to everyone. A user simply has to find the option to turn off comments in the “Advanced Settings” section before they publish their photo or video.


And just like any other place on the internet where comments are welcomed, sometimes it can get out of hand. As a result, the social network is planning on adding better comment control features in an impending update, which should not only make it possible to quiet the noise, but also add a bit more interactivity, too.

Liking comments is also coming soon, so users will be able to tap a heart icon next to anyone’s comment to “show support” and positivity on a post. Private accounts are gaining a new feature as well, with the ability to remove followers on a case-by-case basis, without needing to completely block them. Instagram is even introducing a new system that lets users report cases of potential self-harm to the company, where a team reviews the reports and connects the individual in question to helpful organizations.

Finally, we want to continue to be a place where people can share deeply personal moments. From time to time, you may see friends struggling and in need of support. If you believe that someone you care about may be thinking about injuring themselves, you can report it anonymously, and we will connect your friend to organizations that offer help. We have teams working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, around the world to review these reports.

Lat but not least, the company is expanding privacy options by making it easier for users to access Instagram’s support options within the app and reporting anonymously friends who may be thinking about injuring themselves.

The update should be arriving in the next few weeks.


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