Apple Takes Down The Activation Lock Status Tool

For some inexplicable reason, Apple has taken down its iCloud Activation Lock status page from its website. The tool allowed one to quickly check the activation lock status of an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch by entering its IMEI or serial number.

The link to the Activation Lock webpage no longer works and the support document detailing the feature does not contain any reference to the web tool as of January 24. It was unclear at post time if a new version of the tool might be returning in the future in one form or another.

The removal of the tool can lead to an increase in scams where a seller with malicious intent can easily sell an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with its Activation Lock triggered to an unsuspecting buyer.

Activation Lock, enabled automatically when you turn on Find My iPhone, is designed to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch if it is ever lost or stolen. A device with Activation Lock enabled requires the owner’s Apple ID and password before it can be used, even if it is erased or reactivated.

Activation Lock was introduced alongside iOS 7. The tool to check the Activation Lock status of a device had been available since October 2014.

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