WhatsApp Replacing Stories With Text Status

On February 20, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp officially announced that it would be deploying its own version of Snapchat Stories.

This move was just one of many from Facebook, which incorporates Snapchat-like features into Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook proper. WhatsApp followed suit, letting users take a photo or video with the in-app camera function, upload it, and then use it as a replacement for the standard text Status indicator. After 24 hours the picture or video would disappear.

But, as TechCrunch reports, WhatsApp users weren’t having it, and they’e pushed back against the feature. So much so, in fact, that WhatsApp has confirmed that it will be replacing the Stories feature with the previously standard text Status feature. Users will be able to change their text Status in the About section of the app:

“We heard from our users that people missed the ability to set a persistent text-only update in their profile, so we’ve integrated this feature into the ‘About’ section in profile settings. Now, the update will appear next to profile names anytime you view contacts, such as when creating a new chat or looking at Group info. At the same time, we’re continuing to build on the new Status feature that gives people fun and engaging ways to share photos, videos and GIFs with their friends and family throughout their day.”

WhatsApp confirmed that this reversal of the feature set for the messaging platform will begin rolling out for Android users first, and that iOS users will see text Status indicators returned “soon.”

Source: TechCrunch

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