Best 5 Cydia tweaks to improve Messages app on iOS 10

Messages is the most frequently used app for iOS users. We send and receive hundreds of messages daily on our iPhone, iPod touch and iPad via SMS or iMessage, which makes this app an integral part of the iOS experience.

Despite how useful it is to be able to message anyone on demand from any of these devices, jailbreaking has opened many doors for incredible functionality for the Messages app that Apple has yet to implement in iOS in its stock form.

Today we have got some great tweaks to take your Messaging experience to next level. This post features 5 best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10 that enhance the messaging experience in Apple’s mobile operating system.


#1 – TranslucentMessages
#2 – SwipeExpander
#3 – SwipeSelection
#4 – SendDelay
#5 – HiddenConvos Pro


These are some of the most noteworthy jailbreak tweaks for modifying the iOS 10 Messages app. There may be others, so if we’ve missed any that you really like, let us know in the comments and tell us why you like it!

Are you using any of the above jailbreak tweaks to modify your iOS 10 Messages app? Share below!



► inTro : Club Thump (Free Music )

► Music : Zoom (Free Music )

► Tweak flips icons : Random icon flip

► Theme :


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