iMovie, GarageBand and iWork apps go free for all users

Apple today updated several of its Mac and iOS apps, making them available for all Mac and iOS users for free. iMovie, Numbers, Keynote, Pages, and GarageBand for both Mac and iOS devices have been updated and are now listed in the App Store for free.

Previously, all of these apps were provided for free to customers who purchased a new Mac or iOS device, but now that purchase is not required to get the software. Many Apple customers were already likely eligible to download the software at no cost if they had made a device purchase in the last few years.

Apple has been offering these apps for free to new Mac and iOS device owners since 2013, but dropping the price to free for all users makes it less confusing and opens up downloads for those who have not recently made a new device purchase.

Here are your download links:

Have you used any of these Apple apps yet?

If not, do yourself a favor and grab them now because they’re very capable, especially the incredible iMovie for iOS which lets you edit 4K projects like a pro on your iPhone 6s or later.

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