Apple Announces 200GB Free iCloud Storage for Students

Apple’s education event wrapped up recently. The company announced a new piece of hardware, as well as new focuses on software, and even a nice bonus for students when it comes to cloud storage.

During the event, Apple officially announced that students will now be offered 200GB of iCloud storage for free. Up to this point, the free option for iCloud storage, even for students, was only 5GB. That will be changing from this point on, though. But, there is one caveat to be made aware of.

Every student that has an Apple ID managed by a school will have access to 200GB of storage space for storing assignments, resources, and other documents in the cloud. The new storage space goes hand-in-hand with ClassKit and the Classwork app, which stores assignments in the cloud so students and teachers can access them anywhere.

This is not a program that’s available to any student — it is limited to students who have Apple IDs that were provided by their school. Regular students and standard users of Apple devices will continue to be limited to 5GB of free storage space.

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