HomePod 11.3.0 Update Released

Apple has officially released the first-ever firmware update for its Siri-based, positively-received HomePod speaker. Dubbed HomePod 11.3.0, the firmware is the unimaginatively-named underlying operating system which powers the HomePod and is now available as version 11.3 for owners to download. It has previously been revealed that the underlying HomePod software is basically an adapted version of iOS, the firmware which powers Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.

The exact internal features of HomePod 11.3.o are currently unknown, but it’s highly likely that it will include features and functionality which are not currently made known yet or exposed by Apple. Unfortunately for us, and for HomePod owners, Apple has once again released a version of its firmware with the “general improvements for stability and quality” release notes, which, as we all know, doesn’t exactly give us a lot to go on or chew over.

However, it could very be that this release is simply a stability and compatibility update to coincide with the release of iOS 11.3 final version for iPhone and iPad devices, as well as watchOS 4.3 and tvOS 11.3 final versions for Apple Watch and Apple TV devices respectively.

As evidenced earlier this morning by the leaked iOS 11.3 release notes, AirPlay 2 has not made the cut and will likely be part of the next HomePod software update. AirPlay 2 is required for HomePod’s upcoming stereo pairing and multi-device control.

As far as HomePod is concerned, this release is likely going to be the first of many as Apple looks to develop the power and capability of its new speaker. And, of course, if you haven’t purchased a HomePod yet, what are you waiting for? This release proves that Apple is committed to the device and will continue to bring new features and capabilities to it just like it does with other platforms.

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