Spotify Now Has 75M Active Subscribers, Apple Music Has 40M

Spotify is the leader when it comes to the streaming music services, but that doesn’t mean Apple Music isn’t trying to give the service a run for its money.

And while Apple’s own offering is catching up in subscriber count, Spotify is still holding its own — at least for now. Today, the company officially announced its own quarterly earnings, and confirmed that it now has 75 million paid subscribers. That means, in the span of just four months, Spotify has gained five million subscribers.

When it comes to all of the users actively utilizing Spotify on a regular basis, Spotify’s count number is 170 million. That means there are more than 100 million people using Spotify in some capacity where they are not paying the monthly fee for the premium service. That would be a mixture of folks using the free tier, which Spotify just launched new features for. It may also point to a lot of users having access to trial periods, too.

Meanwhile, Apple Music has just recently hit its own milestone of 40 million subscribers not too long ago. Apple’s music streaming service has been gaining users on a regular basis, and it is expected that the platform will surpass Spotify’s subscriber numbers before too much longer.

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