Scream ( New Tweak ) : Prank Your Friends With A Surprise Scream ( work on iOS 8 )

Scream ( New Tweak ) : Prank Your Friends With A Surprise Scream ( work on iOS 8 )


Scream Cydia Tweak can be downloaded in BigBoss Repo for Free.  This is a prank tweak users can have a bit of fun with friends.  It can be set up to scare friends at just the right moment.  Maybe you have a friend who is always wanting to borrow your phone.  Using Scream you might deter them from asking so much.

The tweak can be set up to activate when they open the next app.  For example, you could assign an activator for the tweak to come on and when they ask for your iPhone you could triple press the home button before handing it to them and when they try to open the phone app it will scream in their face.  You might want to put your device in a secure case just for safety for the phones sake.  They could drop the phone from being scared or caught off guard by the loud scream and photo jumping at them.  Give it a try and let us know how it goes in the comments.  Feel free to record their reactions and I will approve it for a video response below this video.

Prank Your Friends with a surprise Scream ! a nice new tweak for iDevice works great on iOS 8 ( should work on ios 6 and 7 either )

* Use secret activator method to display the scream scary photo with an amazing scream sound effects.

* Ability to set a countdown timer to display the scream, set for few seconds/minutes and give your phone to your m8, wait for it.. wait for it..

* Ability to surprise popup the scream when your victim tries to open an app : enable and give away your phone .. once they try to open an app a surprise scream will appear ( works once then auto-disables ) .

* Automatically optimizes device volume to the MAX !
* Ability to select one of the loudest screams sound list.
* Customize and change scream loudness.
* Much more of methods to activate scream are on the way !

Default activation methods : hold up/down volume buttons. Tap to dismiss scream popup. Configure option from settings .


Let us know in the comments what you think about Scream !

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