Semi Jailbreak iOS 8.3 / Jailbreak iOS 8.3 / iOS 8.4 – Pangu / TaiG / i0n1c / PPJailbreak / WWDC !!

Semi Jailbreak iOS 8.3 / Jailbreak iOS 8.3 / iOS 8.4 – Pangu / TaiG / i0n1c / PPJailbreak / WWDC 2015 – What To Expect !

Since iOS 8.2 was released, whole community is looking for jailbreak untethered tool by TaiG, PP Jailbreak and PanGu. The old Cydia users are still believing on EvasiOn untethered tool which was developed by Evad3rs. Apple released iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3 and new iOS 8.4 couple of days ago. However, there is no luck for final jailbreak tool.

Various teams were working hard to show off their jailbreak before all. PanGu, PP Jailbreak and EvasiOn teams were quite silent during a few firmware release, but TaiG had made great progress in jailbreaking of iOS 8.3. TaiG had prepared iOS 8.3 jailbreak final and it might have released, but Apple patched all those exploits in the final iOS 8.3 release. Now, there is not word to say about it.

Recently, Stefan Esser aka i0n1c published a video on YouTube that showcasing iOS 8.4 jailbreak untethered tool with Cydia iOS 8.4. i0n1c has successfully cracked iOS 8.4 and prepared jailbreak 8.4 on his iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone7,1).

Unfortunately, i0n1c is famous for teasing JB community. Couple of years ago, i0n1c had helped jailbreak community in making untethered tool, but later then, he became neutral and plays a role of teasing iPhone users with his untethered too. So, you can’t expect any release of iOS 8.4 jailbreak.

But, the good news is, TaiG team is already in half way success making jailbreak iOS 8.4 and it would be release as soon as iOS 8.4 would be out.

However, this is a great challenge for TaiG, PanGu, PP Jailbreak and even EvasiOn jailbreak team developers to bring the first jailbreak 8.4 from their side.


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