Here are 05 Best Free iPhone Game Apps you can download from the App Store this month . June 2015 Edition

1 – Triple Jump
2 – Loop Drive – Crash Race
3 – Blades of Brim
4 – Nubs’ Adventure
5 – Try Harder

1 – Triple Jump : A new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Mariusz Gerlich and Ketchapp. The goal in this game is to jump over all of the stalactites, and use your single, double, and triple jumps depending on how high the stalactites are that you need to clear. You can also collect coins which can be used to buy more jumping balls. Read on for some tips and tricks for Triple Jump !

triple jump ios iapptweak

The score is coiunted for every single jump that you make, so it’s in your best interest to make triple jumps every single time even when they are not necessary at all. Do a single jump over a short little stalactite and you will earn one point, but do a triple jump and you will earn three points. Rack up the three point jumps for a fast score boost.

Practice makes perfect in this game, and you are going to have to figure out the right timing for your jumps in order to triple, double and single jump over each size stalactite effectively. With enough practice you will be able to get your timing down pat, allowing you to make almost every jump, and theoretically allowing you to make an unlimited high score.

Switch back and forth between the balls and the cores and purchase different ones in order to make different color combinations. Mix and match the ball of your choice with the core of your choice until you come up with the one that is right for you. Be aware, though, that the gameplay does not change at all no matter what color combination you use.

If you need to make a really quick triple jump, do it using more than one thumb. Do it with two thumbs alternating and you will be able to triple jump really quickly, allowing you to fit more of them into a round, which in turn allows you to squeeze as many points as possible out of one round. This also gets you out of bad situations rather quickly.

If you start to get a little bit too frustrated at this game, then take a break for about half an hour or so and then come back to it. You will find yourself ending up with higher scores naturally, since your frustration will be gone and your adrenaline will be back down to normal.

2 – Loop Drive – Crash Race : A simple but challenging driving/racing game where all you have to do is drive in circles, keep your car safe and avoid any crash. Watch out for other cars, control your speed, avoid crash and earn points for every circle your car does. Try to survive as long as you can, race to the top of the leaderboard and challenge your friends. loop drive is easy to play, hard to master, impossible not to crash but definitely addictive! Speed up and join loop drive but do not crash !

Loop Drive-Crash Race-ios-android-iapptweak

Loop Drive/Crash Race is a new endless driving game for the iOS and Android. You drive on one circle track, while other cars, first one and then many more, drive on another circle track, and your goal is to drive as many times as you can in a circle while avoiding all of the other cars on the other side. This, of course, gets WAY harder as your score gets higher. Read on for some tips and tricks for Loop Drive/Crash Race!

When you hold the screen, your car drives faster and when you let go of the screen, your car drives slower. You have to anticipate the locations of the car on the other side of the screen in order to avoid it successfully. The cars always move the same speed and the same direction during each level, so you won’t have to worry about them suddenly changing speeds.

You can get more cars in this game. If you want to get more cars, then all that you have to do is collect coins, and then go to the garage and spend them on any of the new cars that you want. They won’t increase or decrease any facet of your performance, they will just change the appearance of the car.

Be sure to use the brake pedal judiciously in order to get the most out of your round. Hit the left side of the screen to hit the brake pedal, and hit the right side of the screen in order to use the gas pedal. Hold your right thumb on the gas pedal and you can still hit the brake pedal without lifting it off of the screen.

Check the high scores in Game Center or Google Play in order to see what you are up against. Jump past all of the unrealistic looking scores in order to get to the ones that are actually real and not hacked. If you want to hack the high scores for some reason, you can use a hex editor to do it, and end up at the top of the charts possibly, but you can also possibly get your scores deleted or banned.

Go to the ribbons area to see what kind of Game Center challenges are available to you to complete. If you have other friends who play the game in Game Center, this is another way to compete. Check the achievements that you have yet to complete in order to see what you have to do in order to complete them.

3 – Blades of Brim : I thought I was done with endless runners. After Temple Run stormed the App Store in 2011, endless runners became a staple of the mobile gaming scene, from brilliant and simple 2D entries like Canabalt and Alto’s Adventure to branded freeloaders like Sonic Dash and Spider-Man Unlimited.

Most have been pleasant distractions, but few have kept me glued to my iPhone screen for hours on end. Blades of Brim is one of those games.

Blades of Brim is the second game from Denmark-based developer Sybo Games, a studio that has all but perfected the 3D endless runner.


In Blades of Brim, you take on the role of a warrior defending his or her kingdom from the invading goons. In order to attack the goons, you have to roll, jump and swipe to either side of the screen, which will trigger an attack and reward you with points. Where Brim shines is in its execution – the further you get into the run, the environment scrolls by. Before long, you’ll be chaining together jumps, wall runs, rolls and side attacks to amass huge combos that feel fluid and look awesome.

Each run is split up by dungeons, which always appear in the middle of a section. You can avoid them and continue to battle on the surface, but inside the dungeons, you’ll be tasked with objectives which, once completed, will reward you with gold or treasure chests. Inside these chests are power-ups and gear which can be equipped to make power-ups and abilities last longer.

There’s also an element of risk and reward, in that you only bank the coins and “essence” (freemium currency) you’ve collected when you hit checkpoints. If you get knocked off a ledge the step before you reach a checkpoint, you’ll have to spend an orb of essence to bring your character back to life. This gets exponentially more expensive after every death.

It’s incredibly well balanced, the loot collection and leveling up are ridiculously addictive, the freemium elements aren’t offensive and it even looks good to boot. Best of all, it’s free to download on the App Store, so you have no excuse not to try it.

4 – Nubs’ Adventure : is what I would call an “Exploratory Platformer”. You play as Nubs, a little guy whose house gets destroyed by evil red dudes and accompany him on his adventure to rebuild his home. The game is released on iOS, Android and soon desktop systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

nubs adventure-ios-android-iapptweak

It is both charming and dramatic. Nub is a little friendly fella, whose house gets robbed and burned down to ashes by the two red guys. After the robbery, they throw Nub off the cliff, laughing their ugly red heads out. From there, Nub gets help from the two other odd, yet adorable characters – a neon white wasp Ally and a huge worm named Brute, the kind you could have seen in the acclaimed Dune science-fiction movie.

Together, they will travel across the four beautifully rendered world full of puzzles, challenges and deadly traps, but also thankfully, checkpoints. As you travel, you will collect the shiny diamonds that will help you rebuild your home, throw giant boomerangs at ugly venomous spiders and get a chance to avenge on those awfully ill-mannered reds.

Nub’s world is full of tech contraptions, spider-filled dungeons, secrets, puzzles, lakes and rivers, mountains and tunnels. Ally and Brute are there to guide Nub, and if you feel like riding a giant worm – you are sure to enjoy the challenging, yet addicting adventure.

Throughout the game, there is a consistent metroidvania feel to it that is accompanied by a pleasant ambient soundtrack, which takes the gameplay to another, unearthly dimension. There are nine atmospheric tracks in the OST, and you will enjoy every minute of them. The pixel art is beautiful, too. The game is freemium, which means you will be able to play some fraction of it for free, but to get the full game you will have to cash out $4.99. If you fancy a melodramatic, emotional trip to nostalgia, Nub’s Adventure is well worth the price. It’s a work of art. Get it.

5 – Try Harder : It’s a quick action endless runner from adult swim that is essentially a test of your reflexes. At first glance, it’s similar to an action platformer like Mr. Jump and many others on iOS. In Try Harder, your character runs automatically, and you simply tap to jump over spikes, across gaps, and past any obstacle that comes in your way. The longer you tap on screen, the higher and further your character jumps, and you also have access to power-ups. You can collect double jump, glide, and spike ball power-ups with just an extra tap while you’re in the air.


Try Harder is designed to get you into the frenzy of trying harder at the end of each run. You will need to be quick to react to all of the death traps that will come at you in quick succession. Part of the challenge is that it’s the same layout each time that you try to master. Your dead bodies will rack up, and you can actually use them as platforms in the sticky situations that you previously died on. The quick succession of traps can only be passed over with the power-ups that you will pick up and use often. It’s great to get into the flow of hopping, activating power-ups, and doing it all at high speeds while always ready to do it all over again.

As you can probably expect, the main drawbacks relate to the endless nature. Since, it’s the same layout each time it can grow quite repetitive, especially replaying the early stretches to make it back where you died. The speed of the game, and the consistent challenge doesn’t let you think about any repetition while playing, but each restart does make you consider the fact that it’s the same run. After a few play throughs, it’s tough to try any harder making you question coming back to the game. The art style, sound effects, and flow do get you replaying at the get go, but it’s questionable how long the game will stay on your device. You can rest the game for a fresh take without all the dead bodies, but it doesn’t change the gameplay all that much. There are collectible coin chests, but rather than an upgrade shop, the coins just act as score boosts.

Try Harder (Free, Universal) presents a fast paced challenge that is worth picking up for some quick fun, even if longevity is a question mark.

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