Apple Fixes Broken Twitter Links in Safari in OS X 10.11.4 Beta 3

According to developer Dieter Komendera, Apple has fixed an issue that prevented shortened “” links on Twitter from loading in Safari on the third beta version of OS X 10.11.4, seeded to developers for testing on Monday.

The problem initially cropped up in November of last year. Many Safari users found that clicking on a shortened “” link with the secured HTTPS protocol wouldn’t open at all. If the link is clicked, the results can load an empty page, or simply endlessly load without ever populating the correct page, before eventually loading up an error as well.


Safari users have used temporary solutions, including reloading the “” link several times, removing “https” from the URL, clearing Safari’s cache, or switching to a different browser, but until now there was no official fix yet for the link loading issue. Chrome and Firefox are not affected, nor are links that do not use HTTPS.

When Apple rolls out OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 to the public, users should be able to click on shortened Twitter links and find their way to the social network’s brand new algorithmic Timeline!

Apple Fixes Broken Twitter Links in Safari in OS X 10.11.4 Beta 3

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