Snapper 2 tweak brings Sticky screenshots to your iOS 9 device

Snapper 2 is a follow-up jailbreak tweak to the original Snapper, that allows you to crop a portion of your screen and keep it floating while on another screen. It’s easily one of the handiest tweaks for more situations than you can even think of.

For those of you who don’t know what the original Snapper was, the tweak allows you to capture a part of your screen, then have that captured screen float on top of your iPhone until you close it.  At this point some of you may be wondering how this could possibly come in handy. The functionality is particularly useful for keeping references to whatever you were working on in between apps.

Once Snapper 2 is installed, it begins working immediately. There are lots of options to configure in the stock Settings app, but the basic functionality of the tweak can be used right after respringing from installation.

The jailbreak tweak as a whole is a rebuilt and revamped version that has made several improvements over the original version of Snapper. It should be noted that the previous version of the Snapper jailbreak tweak required Activator but in this revamped version does not, though it is recommended for convenience.

To use Snapper 2, simply initiate a screenshot via the Home + Sleep button combination. Once you do, you’ll notice the interface dim. Press the button combination again to take a normal screenshot, or use your finger to crop a screenshot to a specific area of the screen instead.


Once the screenshot is cropped, used a double tap gesture to confirm the shot, or a tap and hold to cancel. Cropped screenshots (called snaps) will stay pinned to the screen until they are dismissed. You can drag the snap anywhere around the screen, and as mentioned, use the contents of the screenshot for a reference while doing other tasks.

Users can drag the screenshot towards the bottom of the screen to dismiss, save, or share the screenshot using the sharing sheet. You also have the ability to display multiple snaps on screen simultaneously.

In the preferences for Snapper 2, you’ll find loads of options for altering the appearance of the Snapper interface and the resulting screenshots. It’s a much deeper tweak than the original version in this regard.

You can enable or disable features like shadow, so that snaps are more easily recognizable on the interface. You can even enable extra gestures for dismissing all snaps from screen, recalling snap history, and more.

The jailbreak tweak is available on the BigBoss repo and will set you back $2.49 if you’re buying Snapper 2 and have never owned any iteration of Snapper before. Alternatively, for those of you who owned the first iteration of Snapper, the tweak will only cost $1.49. As like any other jailbreak tweak, it is available for purchase and for download on Cydia right now.

What do you think? Could you find a place for Snapper 2 in your workflow?



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Snapper 2 tweak brings Sticky screenshots to your iOS 9 device

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