Adoption rate of iOS 9 Stuck at 84%

As of may 9, 2016 84% of mobile devices Apple, which came in the online store App Store, running the new iOS 9. Note that this parameter is not changed in comparison with the figures almost a month ago. Moreover, eleven percent of hardware was on iOS 8 and the remaining five percent of devices used iOS 7 or older editions of Apple’s mobile operating system.


The tottering speed of adoption of iOS 9 is not yet known but the analysts or market watchers say that this is indeed because of the slow speed of iPhones. The newest reports of App Store depict that the percentage of the adoption rate of the iOS 9 are still the same as they were reported in April.

Recall that the release of iOS 9 was held on September 19 and September 21, the company has already reported about overcoming an important milestone — more than 50 percent of all active Apple mobile devices are running iOS 9. As of 19 October, this figure reached 61%.

Note that Apple from the beginning of April is testing the iOS update 9.3.2, which includes a number of changes, in particular improved performance and stability and bug fixes. Perhaps the release of the update will only slightly increase the adoption rate of iOS 9.

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