TaiG Associate Confirms: They Never Stopped Working on Jailbreak

On May 16, Apple officially released iOS 9.3.2 to the public after a series of beta releases. but jailbreakers are already looking forward to a jailbreak tool to use on their devices.


Its been months since we last saw the jailbreak for any latest version of iOS. There hasn’t been shortage of rumors and posers, however nothing came close to materializing. While many thought TaiG, the well-known jailbreak team based in China has stopped working on the next jailbreak, one of their associates 3K Assistant has come forward with a news. 3K Assistant claims that they never stopped working on the jailbreak.

This means even though we didn’t see a public release of an iOS jailbreak, the team that has released several jailbreaks in the past has still been working on their next release. This also tells us the fact that since they weren’t actually able to release one, either they failed to create an untethered jailbreak that would work flawlessly on all devices or Apple beat them every time with a new release, closing the vulnerability they were using. We all know Apple has been actively releasing iOS updates in the past few months.

While the cat and mouse game between Apple and jailbreak developers continues, it is the jailbreak user who is actually suffering. With the release of iOS 9.3.2 and upcoming WWDC 2016, which will bring the announcement of iOS 10, the future of jailbreak seems bleak as ever.

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