Apple Releases iOS 9.3.4 With an “important security fix”

Apple today officially released iOS 9.3.4 to the public, for the iPad and iPhone, just over two weeks after releasing iOS 9.3.3 and less than two months before we expect to see the public release of iOS 10, currently in beta testing. It’s meant as a security update mainly, and there aren’t any major changes to the software, especially for the end user. The main focus is behind-the-scenes tweaks and improvements.


The security contents of this update should be listed later today in Apple’s support document. This could very well be the last update to iOS devices before iOS 10, currently in beta testing, is released this fall.

Release notes accompanying the small download mention that iOS 9.3.4 provides “an important security update” and is recommended for all iOS 9 users. The update can be applied over-the-air on iOS 9 devices in Settings → General → Software Update and has been confirmed to patch the Pangu jailbreak.

Jailbroken users should stay away from this particular release because, as mentioned, it will patch your Pangu jailbreak.

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